Since 2004 our Company is supplying race cars TPMS solutions around the world with high automotive quality products, reliable & cost effective.

TIRE WATCH is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) designed for Motorsport. It monitors pressure and temperature of each wheel in real-time. Once a trouble on wheel is detected, Tire Watch alerts it immediately. Wrong choice of tires, slow leakage before race, and non-optimized adjustment of air pressure are all the factors that will make you lose the race. Tire Watch contributes to appropriate tire management, improvement of safety and win the race.

System Products

Wheel Unit Sensor (WUS): Mounted on each wheel onto the back of specific racing valve, it monitors pressure and temperature of the wheel once a second and sends data wirelessly to Receiver Control Unit (RCU) placed on race car. The WUS is the smallest design unit on the market, which fits to all standard rims which can easily get caught during tire mounting & dismounting.

Receiver Control Unit (RCU): mounted in the race car, it receives data sent by WUS trough external RF antenna & sends received data to race car logger and Dash via high speed CAN bus connection.

Service tools: autonomous hand tool for “Trucky” guy that allows rapid reading status of each sensor. It sends a command and receives data sent back from the TPMS sensor including Pressure, Temperature & battery level information.

Paddock Survey: garage monitoring system which allow you to monitor automatically the entire status of your wheels when they are fitted to the oven for warming up. It can monitor the rise in temperature & prevent slow leakage.



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  • 2021-04-13