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Tirewatch Sport Automobile is a semi pro dedicated tire pressure monitoring system for motorsport practice. Slow leakage undetected before or during a track day, setting random pressures, are all elements that can make you lose patience and precious second, cause the destruction of the car and put you in danger.
The Tirewatch Sport Automobile kit controls the pressure and temperature values ​​in real time throughout your day of track, your round of the Coupe de France circuit or your endurance weekend in TTE.

The system is composed of sensors mounted on each rim in place of the existing valve. They transmit the pressure and temperature values ​​of each wheel, by radio frequency technology, to a compact receiving module with digital display placed in the vehicle. The transmission of the RF frames is triggered automatically as soon as a change in acceleration is detected.
L’afficheur digital reconnait automatiquement, après une phase initiale d’apprentissage des identifiants de chaque capteurs fourni avec le système, les roues qui ont étéThe digital display automatically recognizes, after an initial learning phase of the identifiers of each sensor supplied with the system, the wheels that have been changed. The system can be shut down using a remote control (LF trigger) to preserve the battery life.

  • Automatic wheel recognition after an initial learning phase
  • Continuous transmission of the sensors at 1Hz (see the different modes of transmission)
  • RF / LF technology
  • Batteries proven to withstand high temperatures
  • Rugged and lightweight materials

By its simplicity of installation and configuration, TIRE WATCH is used for endurance races as well as for speed races or rally specials.

Improve your performance and your safety

  • Accurate pressure and temperature information for each tire allows teams to optimize vehicle handling.
  • Real-time information from the detection of a slow leak or a puncture of the vehicle thanks to the display placed in the cockpit
  • Alert threshold adjustable in pressure and temperature
  • Unique code that allows secure transmission (your sensors can not be seen by another team and you can not receive other sensors than yours)
  • Proven use in severe environment


Wheel sensors

Capteur Tirewatch Sport Automobile

The wheel sensors are equipped with a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. The transmission of the RF frames is triggered automatically as soon as a change in acceleration is detected. The sensor transmission interval varies according to the modes described below:



  • sleeping mode: vehicle stationary – no transmission
  • paddock mode: vehicle stationary – sensor awakened by LF request – transmission every 20 seconds
  • driving mode: moving vehicle – transmission every second


Afficheur Tirewatch Sport Automobile

The display installed in the cockpit allows the pilot to be informed instantly of any damage and thus, return to the stand before arriving at a critical situation. In addition, the values of the 4 tires being presented simultaneously on the display, the driver immediately knows the conditions of a set of tire just mounted on his vehicle after a pit stop. The pilot can then adapt his driving according to the information received.

LF Trigger

Trigger Tirewatch Sport AutomobileThe trigger is a remote control that turns the sensors on and off. It sends an LF (Low Frequency) command to the sensor that responds to it by sending back an interpretable RF frame. The electronics is integrated in a very resistant plastic case. Thanks to this case, you preserve the batteries of your sensors before and after your driving sessions.

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  • 2021-04-13