Capteur température pression


Tirewatch Sport is a semi pro dedicated tire pressure monitoring system for motorsport practice. Tirewatch Sport controls the pressure and temperature values ​​in real time throughout your day of track, your round of the Coupe de France circuit or your endurance weekend in TTE.


Minimum composition of the Tirewatch Sport kit

  • Sensors mounted on each rim in place of the existing valve
  • Compact displays
  • A remote control


Features of the Tirewatch Sport Kit

  • RF / LF technology
  • Batteries proven to withstand high temperatures
  • Rugged and lightweight materials
  • Continuous transmission of sensors at 1Hz
Tirewatch Sport has been designed to help you improve efficiency and measurement accuracy.
By its simplicity of installation and configuration, TIRE WATCH is used for endurance races as well as for speed races or rally specials.
  • TW
  • 2021-04-13